Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Request Mutual Recognition from 50
 Grand Lodges.

 Grand Master Willie Williams, under the authority of the 2002 Prince Hall
 Grand Lodge of Georgia Grand Lodge session vote, submitted letters to 50
 mainstream Grand Lodges throughout the world requesting mutual Masonic
 recognition. While Grand Master Williams believes that there can be no
 question about the legitimacy of Prince Hall Masons and recognition by
 mainstream Grand Lodges is not necessary to establish legitimacy, he
believes in the universality of masonry and that all regular constituted Grand
Lodges should share a common bond; a unique bond that can only exit between true
 Masons. Because of this unique bond, Masons should be the first to look
 beyond color, ethnicity, religion, geographical borders, and other forces
 that tend to divide good men. We must be true to our order and promote
 Masonry throughout the world. We must join hands and fight to rid the
world of those who mislead good men in to joining bogus groups that give Masonry
 bad name. Grand Master Williams is optimistic and expects a positive
 response. He is somewhat concerned about his home state, the Grand Lodge
of Georgia. He had a very positive meeting with Grand Master Clarence
(Buster)Horne and the Grand Senior Warden in 2002. He (GM Williams) had
anticipated a discussion and straw poll would be taken at their (GL of GA) annual
session but he learned that it did not happen. Some of their members have
expressed their disappointment. Grand Master Williams remains hopeful and would
consider it a major accomplish.

 Willie L. Williams
 Grand Master
 Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia
 330 Auburn Avenue Atlanta, GA 30303
 404 521 1358 Office