"Fast For Forgotten Brethren"
Thoughts + Experience
David M. Daugherty, Jr.
News Release

Racial + political agendas have haunted Freemasons hopes for Universal Brotherhood.

The Fast will begin on 1 Jan. through the Grand Master's Conference of North America in February.

My Supreme wish is that the Grand Masters (+others), will issue edicts confirming Universal Brotherhood without regard to race, religion and recognize the Grand Lodge de France.

excerpts from "The Call"
1 January 04
Visit:A Brother's Blog
Cannot say that we are any better off this year; However, I will have to lead the Fast some other time! We are making some strides in some areas, but these victories are met with new battles that spring up. Reports here, will keep you up to date on my diplomatic missions in the coming days.
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Ended for 2003 Fast For Forgotten Brethren    

Universal Declarations Turkey;  G.L.Minnesota; MWPHGLofGa; GM-MN report; F.A.Q. G.L. de France
Wednesday, 19 March 03

I have made the decision to end my fast for this year.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to those of you that subdued you passions and joined me!

We have thrown a rock into the pond of opinion and the ripples are still in motion.

This Web site will be keep intact so you can referrece it, and any new happenings can be posted or linked here.

Again thank you so very much in having the courage to stand up for brotherly love.

With Brotherly Love,

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Friday, 7 March 03

Been invited to Make a presentation to Cherrydale Ldg #42, Arlington Va.,
By their Master, Travis S. Williard.
Travis is the first afro-american Master in Virginia!
The title of my talk is: "Freemasonry, the American Express Card of Character".

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Wednesday, 5 March 03

The logic of Freemasonry

I am taught to Fight for truth and right
In reality we run from truth and right
Is the truth only a figment of our imagination?

I am taught that it is the internal not the external that make a masom.
In reality I am ostracized for not discriminating by race and religion.
I am taught to expand my mind through education
In reality education becomes my enemy.

I am taught Brotherly Love.
But in reality
I am punished if I do not ignore and harm my brother

But I say to you; Let the ideals taught, Become your reality’ And spread brotherly Love and peace throughout the world.

[Little did I realize that protecting people from themselves’ Would mean making better men.}

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Thursday, 27 February 03

posted above, are links to the Grand Master of Minnesotas report [25 Feb.]
and a letter from the Grand Lodge of France [22 Feb.].
Hope this brings light.
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Still subduing my passions and improving myself in Freemasonry.

Recently, on a Masonic e-list there was an urgent request for assistance to help a brother’s daughter.
Now, you would expect us brothers to “jump too” and get the situation under control.
Curious so, this did not happen.
Instead there transpired inquire + debate as to whether or not this was a true brother making the request.
I must be old fashion, for I figure a brother in need is a brother in deed.
Besides, the well being of the little girl is far more important in my mind
Anyway, is it not supposed to be great. that masons are turned too in a time of need!?

And some think our duties to the GAOTU are optional.

For those of you that are concerned with my health, today was checkup day with the Physician. Currently waiting on results of blood test for liver & kidney damage, foresee some diet changes in my fast. Still feeling well, with plans to continue.
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Saturday, 22 February 03

My conscience will not let me stop this fast until more and better action takes place.

Thank those, whose concern for the craft leaded them to join the fast this week!

We will indeed find out if the Grand Hailing sign of distress has been reduced to a myth!?!

It seems that our leaders need to go through a more democratic election so they better represent the craft and do not miss use there powers for personal agendas.
Tuesday, 18 February 03

The Grand Masters Sent a message to Minnesota today.
[Minn. Was forced to void it‘s sovereignty by a large group of Grand Lodges who threatened to hold a schism Grand Masters Conference after Minnesota recognized the Grand Lodge de France]
[Historically, Grand Lodges have not recognized the same set of Masonic Grand Lodges around the world]
Thus the Conference moves closer to become the dominant Universal Grand Lodge of the world and/or puppet of the Grand Lodge National de France!?!

Things at first did not look to bad.
1. The motion to proactively seek other Grand Lodges to apply for recognition and raise the voluntary request for support of the Commission on Recognition from each Grand Lodge to a total of $200.00 each.
The Motion was narrowly defeated by a 26-28 vote.
With Vermont speaking against.
[e.g. if there is 55 voting members that is $11,000 or $1,571 per member of a 7 man commission]
Yesterday and again today, California requested that the commission send an investigation be sent to Mexico in addition to the commission’s regular duties.
2. The motion to invite Afro-American, Prince Hall Masons to attend this conference and submit them to the Commission on recognition was soundly defeated by a vote of 2-52.
Speaking against was lead off by Georgia, who wants freedom and sovereignty for themselves at the expense of others freedom and sovereignty.
Joining was New York who attached the G.M. of Minnesota for using the title of Reverend [which he is].
Also Colorado and Finally South Carolina, who wanted to convince the delegation that South Carolina was not racist.
3. The motion to actively drop the land/territorial requirement From the American Doctrine of Exclusive Jurisdiction [adopted in 1952] and keep the Grand Lodges sovereignty over their members intact, was soundly defeated by a vote of 2-52.
Speaking against was lead off by Tenn. Who believes that this is a worldwide doctrine and then again New York.
[Just earlier that morning Iran [in exile] was granted recognition without the required land/territory].
Is this just an other ploy against Afro-Americans?
4. Missouri moved to reintroduce the motion to increase the Commission on Recognitions membership from 6 to 7, motion passed by the vote of 28-27.

Most of the Grand Masters were oblivious to several Masons bolting from the session.
When approached, they indicated that their conscience was making them to leave the fraternity.

Will continue my Fast although it is obvious that Brotherly Love does not exist enough in our fraternity to make a difference.
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Monday, 17 February 03

Grand Lodge National de France [GLNF] takes over Committee of Recognition.

Of the 14 Grand Lodges who applied for Recognition only 3 or 4 will be recommended by the Commission to the Grand Masters.
Oddly enough 3 of the 4 were sponsored by GLNF.

As expected the GLNF launched a vicious attach on the Grand Lodge de France. [GLF]
This happen after a beautiful presentation was heard for GLF, were they had seemed to answer and meet all of the Commissions Standards.
GLNF more or less called GLF a liar and appeal to upstanding emotion

Immediately thereafter the commission wavered their standards to recommend a GLNF sponsored Grand Lodge

Exclusive Jurisdiction was vigorously endorsed by the committee as if they were upset that the idea is being abandoned as more Grand Lodges recognize Prince Hall & ignoring existing conflictS that are hurriedly excepted.

The Hispanic Problem was addressed by the State of California who asked the Commission to investigate the situation by forming and sending a committee to Mexico.
Past experience suggest this will never happen.
What is the Hispanic problem?
As you are aware the Hispanic population is becoming a dominate minority in U.S.A. population trends.
There exist Hispanic Masonry in the USA that is not recognized.
Currently this is simply ignored.
But what is happening on a growing bases is cross visitation were legitimacy of an individual can not be traced due to the fluid nature of Freemasonry in Mexica and their practice of lodge seeking asylum with different Grand Lodges.

The 14 Grand Lodges asking for recognition & summary of Commission report:
1. G.L Armenia…OK
2. G.L.Bulgaria…Schism by two Grand Masters
3. G.L.Congo…..OK
4. G.L. France….violation of Exclusive Jurisdiction.
5. G.L.Iran [in Exile-Boston, Mass.]…OK, wavered Exclusive Jurisdiction and wavered ban on Exile G.L.‘s
6. G.L.Moldavia….need more time
7. G.L.Montenegro….self instituted not sponcered by a G.L.
8. G.L.Niger….No data
9. G.L.Peru…..reinstated, need more time
10. G.L.Portugal…breck away
11. G.L Romania….1 of three GL’s
12. G.L.Russia…..break away
13 &!4 Mexican States…not enough notice

Today will be a session on Prince Hall.

Racially, the Grand Masters Conference is still being held hostage by the southern states [including Maryland where I currently live.]
In more direct terms there are those who still cling to and teach the unMasonic idea that Freemasonry is the gentleman’s K.K.K.
Unfortunately the Grand Master’s Conference allows this to continue.
There appear to be only three men of color in this sea of old white men.
1. There is the Brother [APGM,PH] who is a guest of the G.M. of Minn and Leader of our session on PH
2. There is the Deputy Grand Master from The G.L. of France [This and the fact that the G.L. of Trance was one of the worlds Leaders in recognition of Prince Hall is, I am sorry to say, an unspoken stumbling block for their recognition.
3.Brother Alton Roundtree ,Who I am traveling with, who is here as a vender promoting the “Masonic Globe Magazine“

Looks like I will be fasting a bit longer!
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Sunday, 15 February 03

Today, was a hectic day.
Drove home from D.C. in falling snow.
Spent the morning with my wife in ICU, [my biggest supporter] who sent me on my way telling me she was proud of me. Wow! What a gal!!
Then it was off to the house to feed the pets and of course the phone kept ringing and the birds kept setting off the alarm.
Anyway, Alton Roundtree [editor of the Masonic Globe magazine] recued me as he picked me up and we headed off together to the Grand Master’s Conf.
Attended Minnesota’s 150 banquet tonight [a splendid affair]
Tomorrow after helping Alton setup his Masonic Globe table, plan on attending the Committee on Recognition Meeting.
It’s late--more later

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Friday, 14 February 03

This morning is my last day here at Masonic Week

It has been another fun year.
Must say that some brethren expected to find me in a weaker condition both physical and mentally.
I suppose this was also my expectation too, but the Gods are smiling on me!

An interesting idea came up last night, which I hope to hear some feed back from you.
The idea is to form a World Peace Instuetute [run on Masonic principles]?

This afternoon I plan on attending the Blue Friars Lecture & tonight, the Philalethes Feast & Forum.
Tomorrow, it is off to Minnesota for the Grand Masters Conf. Will be going with Alton Roundtree, editor of the Masonic Globe,


We offer the hope,

That all members of our human family,

No matter where dispersed upon the face of this earth and

No matter their culture, race, religion, sex or social order,

May you be blessed;

with a speedy relief, from your suffering

with a heart that leads you to happiness;

with thoughts that flourish in freedom;

with a gentle and soothing soul;

with acts of loving kindness to all.

So Mote It Be!

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Thursday, 13 February 03

Good morning!
Here at Masonic Week in D.C.
It’s always good to see so many Brothers again and to meet those who have just been a name on a post.
Went to the Lodge of the Nine Muses [DC]. Rex Hutchens gave the Franklin, Voiltare Lecture this year.[An Esoteric interpretation of the penalties].
Been Carrying around a sign with me, same colors as the masthead on this page, with the words; “Fast For Forgotten Brethren”. Sparks good conversation.
Had a beer with several brother from G.L.F., Ca, and Va. {you know what they say about drinking on an empty stomach!] anyway I was done for the nite!
May never be able to stay up late enough to join the “Order of the Sleepless Knights”!
Tonight will attend The “Knights of Freemasonry Universal” [kofu].
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Monday, 10 February 03

As I prepare to go to Masonic Week in D.C.,USA and then onto Minneapolis Minnesota for the Grand Master Conference.
Please be reassured that I will keep in touch with you through these web site.
My communication may be sporadic, but I will communicate.
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Sunday, 9 February 03

Sorry I have not keep good touch with you the last few days.
Been spending a lot of time at the Hospital with my wife.
Things are not going as first diagnosed and we are waiting to find out what the next step is.
Getting in plenty of walking pacing the floor.
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Thursday, 6 February 03

So far I am still healthy, Thanks for checking.
Wish I could say the same for my wife, just returned from the hospital were she just had 3 liters of blood drained from her lungs.[she fell and broke 3 ribs earlier this month, and some of the medication she’s on promoted the bleeding} The prognosis is good, and she should be home in 3-4 days.
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I have been asked some interesting comments and question over the last 36 days, here are a some;

“You don’t sound like you’ve been fasting.”
Sorry, I’m new at this and do not know how I’m supposed to sound.

“How are you?”
I am hungary. But try not to think about it.

“Does you mother know?”
Yes, and my Grand Master

“What do you do during the day?”
My day is normal routine and yes, I exercise.

"Is fasting Masonic?"
How far would you go to help your Brother?

"The masonic scholar must care more for the truth than for what people think."
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Tuesday, 4 February 03

Re: Will the fast end before or after the Grand Master Conf.?

Personally, I am prepared to extend my fast after the conference, if no satisfactory action has taken place.
I will constantly reassess the situation as the conference proceeds and post any news here on this site.
You may conclude your fasting. at any time you choose; and Thank you so much for your efforts.
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Monday, 3 February 03

Thanks for the mail + calls, congratulating me for making it into February.

Found one call particularly interesting; when commenting that my stress level was better than I expected, the reply was, ”You must be doing good that the universal conscience agrees with”!

Had to made a new hole in my belt today.

Thought of the day:

Everything is Beautiful,
Everything is Great,
Only the Illusion of Your Perception Fools you Otherwise.
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Sunday, 2 February 03

Today is the 33rd day of the year and the 33rd day of “Fast For Forgotten Brethren”

“A Day for Silence and Reflection”

Masonry began and ends, in my heart.

Idealism lived turns utopia into reality.

May Masonic Light shine everywhere:
It’s temple, all space;
It’s creed, all truth;
It’s shrine, the good heart;
It’s scripture, all wisdom;
It’s ritual, works of love;
It’s mission, divine living.
- Adapted from Theodore Parker

May brotherly love prevail and ever moral and social virtue, cement us.

So Mote it be.

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Friday, 31 January 03

Re: Why do you refer to this as the “Great Sandbox Wars”?

To me, it reminds of my youth in the sandbox;
who is the better and bigger Freemason;
whose god is bigger;
who is right;
who is wrong?

My Brethren,
This is not about right vs. wrong,
It is not about youth vs. age,
It is not about looks vs. ugly,
It is not about rich vs. poor,
It is not about education vs. ignorance,
It is not about conservatives vs. liberals,
It is not about my culture vs. your culture,
It is not about black vs. white,
It is not about faith vs. spirituality.

What this is about, is the very heart & soul of the Brotherhood of Man under the fatherhood of the G.A.O.T.U.

May brotherly love prevail and ever moral and social virtue, cement us.

So Mote it be.

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Wednesday, 29 January 03

Re: Who’s brother are you anyway?

This is not a fair weather Brotherhood.
And I am not here to cover for you.
I’m here to learn to live a better life.
Everyone has a claim upon my good offices!
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Tuesday, 28 January 03

Re: What type of Fast are you on?

I’m on a pure liquid fast,
Distilled Water during the day & a small glass of juice in the morning.
My last meal was new year’s eve and no food since.
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Monday, 27 January 03

The 33rd Day
This coming Sunday, the 2nd of Feb. is the 33rd Day of the new year and the 33rd Day of the “Fast for Forgotten Brethren”.

A special Call has been made to make this a day, A day of Silence & Reflection.
For those of you that have chosen this day to join the fast, Welcome.
Suggestions on how to fast are out line in the post of 08 Dec. 02 [below].

May brotherly love prevail and ever moral and social virtue, cement us.

So Mote it be.

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Sunday, 26 January 03

Over 25 years ago, I came to learn to subdue my passions and improve myself in Freemasonry. Yet it amazes me that there exist such a lack of empathy among the brethren, as they continue to ignore and hurt each other.

“No man ever did a designed injury to another, but at the same time he did a greater to himself”
Lord Kames

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Saturday, 25 January 03

Re: Are you getting good exercise?
Yes, been walking and avoiding the cold.
We have a lot of warehouse stores in the area, [Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depo, and Lowe’s].
These stores are great for walking in during the cold weather.
Now I walk with a cane, so I grab a cart and Boy!, Can I Step out. [its like a walker on wheels].

Did Mason’s invented Don’t ask, don’t tell?
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Friday, 24 January 03

Salute to the Grand Lodges of Michigan.
Just learned that the Caucasian G.L. and P.H.A. G.L. of Michigan is having a joint EA. Degree.
There will be a candidate from each G.L. and followed by a festive board.
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Thursday, 23 January 03

Good morning!
Today is the half way point to the Grand Masters Conf.
Got over my cold, and my metabolism seems to have dropped as my weight loss has slowed.
Mentally; in great spirts.
May brotherly Love prevail!

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Tuesday, 21 January 03

Re: I'll be honest, I thought fasting for a cause was saved for extreme instances of abuse on human rights, war and conflict and situations which were life-threatening. Has that changed?

I am sorry you can not relate to the suffering and abuse of brotherly rights If I wish to claim truth and right, I cannot turn a blind eye to any injustice or suffering toward my Brother.
The question then becomes how serious do you take your obligation to help, aid & assist.
How far is far enough?
In other words, since Freemasonry is the “American Express Card” of Character,
What is your credit limit?

The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is week.
the Bible [Matthew 26:41]

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Monday, 20 January 03

Twenty Days; not yet half way, but then true brotherhood is worth it!

Re: Do you think we are doing any good?
To question actions within the oldest fraternity in the world is like riding a broncosaurus. And we’re still on! Yes, of course we are doing some good.
Truth & Right can not lose.

"We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people."
Martin Luther King in 1963 from Birmingham Jail
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Saturday, 18 January 03

Have about shakin my cold, but still have a little sniffles.
I faced my biggest temptation to eat last night, and happy to report, I still food free.

"If we cannot end our differences at least we can make the world safe for diversity"
John F. Kennedy

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Wednesday, 15 January 03

The Grand Lodge of Minnesota has just released three resolutions to be presented at the Grand Masters Conf. and messages from the Grand Master. All can be found by following the G.L. of Minnesota. Link above.
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Monday, 13 January 03

Good morning!
Health up date; BP120/70, Temp normal, Wt. drop-18lbs, head cold/sinuses; Mentally; Still remember my name [grin], did get crabby toward my wife yesterday.

"To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest."
Mahatma Gandhi

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Sunday, 12 January 03

The search For Masonic lovebirds:
To commemorate this fast I have become obsessed with acquiring two Masonic Lovebirds [picture from Love nest aviary of West Central FL].
Anyway this may not be the right time of the year for such an acquisition.
Did Find Two in Florida, USA but the breeder does not ship and it’s not a trip for me right now.
It has been even suggested that I call them Frenchie & Prince.
Do you have names to suggest?
posted by dave at 7:36 PM est

Day 12 predicted an energy surge. Experience a surge 2 days ago and woke this morning with a bit of a cold. More later, getting ready for church now.
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Saturday, 11 January 03

Good moring! Did a little to much yesterday, but feel great now.
A thought for the day:
"The world is a dangerous place to live;
not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
Albert Einstein

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Friday, 10 January 03

A definition to share.
"Out of the Shadows"[The Emergence of Prince Hall Freemasonry in America]
by Alton G. Roundtree and Paul M. Bessel

Exclusive Jurisdiction:
This is the American Doctrine that is generally (but not always) interpreted as holding that there can be only one Grand Lodge in an established jurisdiction (state/territory). The Doctrine of Exclusive Jurisdiction was followed by all North American Grand Lodges until recently (some have specifically abandoned it now, and some quietly ignore it). This doctrine is against Lodges formed among Negro Americans (they having been branded Irregular and Clandestine) being deprived of the privilege of regular membership by the use of the ballot in individual Lodges.
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Thursday, 08 January 03

I wish to share with you, very moving excepts collected by Brother Joe H. Snow 33° FPS on historical information collected for the P.H.G.L. of Georgia USA:

The brothers that were in Lodge meeting in an area near Montezuma Georgia, who had the meeting interrupted by the Klan, they entered the meeting held the members at gunpoint tied them up threw them in the back of pick up trucks took them to the next county beat them up and left them, went back and shot up the Lodge, but could not break the spirits of those brothers or their desire to be a Mason because they were back the next week holding meeting again with the Tyler holding more than a sword.
A brother that went to lodge meeting near Eastman Georgia with plans to return home to his wife only to be shot to death while sitting in the chaplain chair by none other than you know who, that did not break that lodges spirits because they were meeting again in the same place the next week because they wanted to be masons.
7 lodges that I have counted so far were burned to the Ground by you know who, but it did not break the spirits of those brother because they went back
posted by dave at 10:47 AM est

I'd like to share an excerpt of a e-mail received yesterday from a brother in Germany.

" I live with my family near the french border, its only about 20 miles to go there. And its allways good to go there for bying food or go to a restaurant. But also to visit other lodges. And they visit us. Should i say no to a brother standing in front of the lodge because he is from france. We, at the border to france, never say no. They visit us, we visit them. I think everybody knows, even the grand lodge."
posted by dave at 7:23 AM est

Tuesday, 07 January 03

Felt a surge in energy today, so did some extra walking.
Went to the store for more distilled water. Been drinking this as it is suppose to help cleanse the body.
posted by dave at 4:12 PM est

I have been asked to stop the fast by several Brothers, as well, to not include the Brethren from the Grand Lodge of France.
You must realize that I am obligated to aid & asst. all my Brethren no matter your or their political leanings.
My answer is "No"!
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Monday, 06 January 03

Today we were snowed in and I shoveled 4-6" of snow off my driveway.
The Resume' link has been updated with three additional sections I hope you will find informative.
Also added a link to universal declarations received.
With Brotherly Love, Dave
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Sunday, 05 January 03

Again, thank you for your support.
I have heard from not only those is USA but from around the world.
There have been several request for additional personal information.
I will post/add links, providing that information in the near future.
posted by dave at 7:07 AM est

Friday, 03 January 03

Thank you!
I am richly blessed by those of you who have joined in.
Thank you so very much, for acting on you dedication to brotherhood.

The Fast is proceeding better than I had envisioned.
The first three days I was told should be the hardest, yet they are coming to an end and my stress level is good.
The next mile stone should be in about 12 days in which my body should fully adjust and a high settle in. We will see!
My weight seems to be dropping at the rate predicted. 2-3lbs day one and 1 lb per day after.
And my friends tell me that I am still pleasant to be around.[Grin]
However, my wife grudgingly went of to the grocery store today.
[A chore that I’ve always done before, but gave up this month].
posted by dave at 7:41 AM est

Wednesday, 01 January 03

Day One is coming to a close.
Today went better than I expected! There were not strong withdrawal pains from food.
Maybe I am well prepared?!
Tomorrow will tell.
Although I will be going to bed hungry, it is not an unbearable feeling.
Hope tomorrow goes as smooth

. Thought of the night :

When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free. -Charles Evans Hughes
posted by dave at 9:14 PM est

Fast Prayer
As I begin this “Fast”,
I ask God to sustain me,
and sincerely hope that this effort brings focus to that which is important,
inspiring both intellectual strength and courage.
May brotherly love prevail and ever moral and social virtue, cement us.

So Mote it be.

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Tuesday, 31 December 02

Had my last supper tonight with an intimate group of friends and family. We had Indian Cuisine at the Bombay Grill.
posted by dave at 10:09 PM est

Monday, 30 December 02

News Release I

Today the first News Release was sent out. Feel free to copy and distribute this or a copy of "the call" [link provided above]
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Tuesday, 24 December 02
Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season
posted by dave at 4:36 PM est

Sunday, 22 December 02
"The only devils running around are those within our own hearts. There is where the battle lies." Gandhi
posted by dave at 2:45 PM est

Tuesday, 17 December 02

Because of my many leadership roles and affiliations, some of you have read into my actions, sponsorship or affiliation by various groups.
However the “Fast For Forgotten Brethren” is simple my individual reaction to the political posturing in Freemasonry.
I have not, and will not, seek endorsements, sponsorships or affiliations of any groups.
My call was made as an individual man to individual men who wish to join my call.
posted by dave at 5:33 PM est

Saturday, 14 December 02

Re: I thought this was about the Grand Lodge of France?
It sure is!
You might say the Grand Lodge of France issue is the straw that broke the camels back.
The issue can be looked at from many angles, and different perspectives.
In short it is boiled down to the matter of brotherhood [the right to force our opinions on others or act with the charity of brotherhood]
Yes, there are those who fall back to obscure political reasoning.
But then, our actions do not follow our teachings and moral bankruptcy prevails,
Oddly enough, the reasons never seem to change in the matters of universality.
For a more complete look at the Grand Lodge of Frances issue go to the G.L. Minn..
posted by dave at 11:03 PM est

Thursday, 12 December 02

Re: Do women belong in universal freemasonry?
Women Masonry does exist, there is no denying the fact. [Not referring to Eastern Star, but female lodges with past masters and all that]
In our society today, women in leadership need what Freemasonry has to offer.
However, I am not advocating joint lodges. [I enjoy and cherish the male fraternal aspects of my affiliation].
But, if my daughter, relative or friend was joining, you bet, I’d support her anyway I could!
posted by dave at 9:23 AM est

Wednesday, 11 December 02

Re: Correlation between falling membership and equal rights.
I Agree that there is probably a correlation.
There is no doubt in my mind that many people of the civil rights era steered away from the fraternity because it failed to emulate equality.
Exactly what that correlation is, is hard to tell, As you may or may not be aware The Fraternity tends to shy away from statistics. [We like to fool ourselves in matters of brotherhood and equality].
posted by dave at 11:56 PM est

Sunday, 08 December 02

Re: How should I Fast?
If and how, you fast is your choice. I called on brethren to join me either physically or Spiritually, so listed as follows, are a few examples of methods used to fast.
Physically :
the liquid fast. [water + juices only]
the lent type fast. [some things are removed from the diet e.g. sugar, coffee, or desserts]
the Ramadan type fast. [nothing to eat between sun up and sun down]
The your choice type { a combination of the above or an invention of your own]
This can take the form of meditation, prayer, moments of silence or drinking toast.
Personally, I plan on the liquid fast.

Re: I can not last for a month and ½.
This fast should not interferer with your daily requirements, do only what you can.
The 33rd day of the new year [Julian Calendar], Sunday the 2nd of February will be set aside for silence and reflection. This would be a good day to join us.
Hope this answers you questions.

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Saturday, 07 December 02
"Well, just out from under 7”-8”s of snow… winter is here!
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Re: Define what you mean by Universal Brotherhood?
Universal brotherhood in Freemasonry is some what of an oxymoron.
Each person has his own, if and’s and buts [including the racial problem that is still being played out in the USA].
Remember, Freemasonry spread worldwide during the colonial period, most widely with the British Empire. At that time Universality was a status symbol. Lodges served mostly expatriates. Freemasonry was adopted by only a few indigenous populations, notable in India and Turkey. These if and’s and butts left Masonic principles to be defined and culturally adapted throughout the world. Thus you have groups that have a religious, political, and. even economic slants.
It is my belief that tolerance should be wisely administered to protect the human rights of each and every freemason.
After all, he is my brother, and I am not my brother’s keeper!
Our jobs are to help one another navigate our ways through this world and our lives.
Belonging to Freemasonry is like being issue an America Express card of character.
We have become spiritual bonded to an idea, the idea of “Universal Brotherhood”.
Yet, it is true that each of us defines our own form of universality [the length of our cable tows] and neither knowledge nor ignorance should dictate that length.
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Wednesday, 4 December 02

Re: Inquiries into a last supper.
Currently, there is no plans for a ceremonial start.
It is felt that January 1st, being a very symbolic day, is ceremonious enough.
Besides, my family requires my attentions New Years Eve.
For those who would like to drop by, on the 1st, aHigh Tea/Open House will be held at my residence.
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Tuesday, 3 December 02
Played Chess most of last night     And Now…. Back to the Great Sand Box Wars!   
  It was pointed out to me that neither race nor religions are relevant to the reasons why the Grand Masters (+ others) do not recognize the Grand Lodge of France.
     Did I miss something!?     Afraid not!    
Nor do my ears deceive me when I hear the same arguments being used to exclude brothers in these different categories.    
There appears to be a more in-depth common denominator. 
    Lets refer to them as the “the Great Sand Box Wars”.
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Re: apology for not standing up.
Brother your predicament has a long history in human affairs.  
   If reminds me of the acts in WWII that inspired the poem "....when they came for me, there was no one left to help".  
   Martin Luther King expressed the same type of sentiment in 1963 from Birmingham Jail, "We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people."
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Monday, 2 December 02
Recently, on a Masonic e-list there was an urgent request for assistance to help a brother’s daughter.
Now, you would expect us brothers to “jump too” and get the situation under control.
Curious so, this did not happen.
Instead there transpired inquire + debate as to whether or not this was a true brother making the request.
I must be old fashion, for I figure a brother in need is a brother in deed.
Besides, the well being of the little girl is far more important in my mind.
Anyway, is it not supposed to be great. that masons are turned too in a time of need!?
And some think our duties to the GAOTU are optional.
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Sunday, 1 December 02

Welcome to my Blog. I will be posting here, my personal thoughts.
How does it look to you?

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"The only devils running around are those within our own hearts. There is where the battle lies." Gandhi
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