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Freemason Announces "Fast For Forgotten Brethren"

A Fast to Protest Racial and Political Agendas in the Masonic Fraternity


Abingdon, Maryland— December 30, 2002: Today David M. Daugherty, Jr. a Missouri Freemason residing in Maryland, announced that he will conduct a five-week hunger strike beginning with the New Year to protest the continued existence of racial and political agendas within the Masonic Fraternity.  The hunger strike will begin January 1 and last through the upcoming Grand Master's Conference of North America in Minneapolis, MN in early February.


The Masonic Fraternity aspires to be an international order of men committed to advancing the cause of the Brotherhood of Man, and religious and racial tolerance under the Fatherhood of God.  It is a non-sectarian order comprised of people of every religious faith.


However, according to Brother Daugherty, "Although Universal Brotherhood and tolerance is supposed to be the aspiration of all Freemasons everywhere, the sad truth is that racial, religious and political considerations often get in the way of that noble dream.  The position of many American Grand Lodges towards the Grand Lodge de France is an example of the fraternal failures that I speak of here.  It is my hope that by conducting this fast, the many un-fraternal considerations which have kept most American Grand Lodges from recognizing the Grand Lodge de France, will come to the attention of the incoming Grand Masters for 2003, leading to the extension of Fraternal recognition to our French Brethren."


In a call for solidarity with his fast from like-minded Brethren, Brother Daugherty has encouraged others to emulate his example.  "Brethren can support this cause spiritually through prayer, or physically by emulating my fast.  There are many ways to fast: a liquid fast of water and juices only; a Lent-style fast without sugar, coffee, or deserts for a few weeks; a Ramadan-style fast where nothing is consumed from sunup to sundown; or some combination of these.   Support and  your solidarity with this cause can be registered on the fast web site at www.dmdj.kofu33.org.".


For a more complete look at the issues surrounding the non-recognition of the Grand Lodge de France, visit the web site of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota at  www.http://mn-mason.org .


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